Dennis J. Zeitlin, MD

Dennis Zeitlin, MD maintains a psychotherapy practice in San Francisco and Marin County, which includes individual therapy, couples therapy, group therapy, family therapy, psychopharmacology, and consultation.

Therapeutic Approach

As a Johns Hopkins –trained physician and UCSF-trained psychiatrist, Dr. Zeitlin brings to his work a deep appreciation for the interaction of mind and body. His flexible, collaborative, empathic therapeutic approach draws on 40+ years of clinical training and experience, integrating many different schools of psychotherapy, including psychodynamic, psychoanalytic, cognitive-behavioral, self-psychological, attachment, systems, humanistic-existential, and particularly, Control Mastery.

Psychotherapy is tailored to your particular needs and goals, and may involve only a brief initial exploration; or short-term therapy; or a longer-term intensive plan. The modality might be individual, couples, group, or family therapy, or combinations.

In an atmosphere of psychological safety, you will be encouraged to explore issues in depth; to acquire insight into troublesome patterns and beliefs; and to have emotional experiences in therapy that foster growth and the attainment of your goals.

A Range of Issues

Dr. Zeitlin works with a broad range of psychological issues, including:
  • Anxiety and Depression
  • Personality Disorders
  • Intimacy and Relationship Problems
  • Creative Blocks
  • Childhood Trauma and Abuse
  • Career Stress and Inhibition
  • Sexual Dysfunction
  • Existential issues
  • Life transitions:
    • Marriage
    • Divorce
    • Birth of a Child
    • Loss of a Loved One
    • Medical Problems
    • Retirement and Aging

Mind and Body

Like many patients, you may be experiencing physical symptoms and have medical conditions. As a physician, Dr. Zeitlin is able to understand these issues in depth, and when indicated, he is better able to consult with your other physicians than non-physician psychotherapists. And when psychiatric medication is needed, and you are in agreement, he is able to provide this himself as an integrated part of psychotherapy. The splitting of verbal psychotherapy and psychiatric medication between two health care providers is often problematical, and Dr. Zeitlin's commitment to his patients is such that he does not manage medication outside of an on-going psychotherapeutic relationship.

Getting Started

Exploring a potential psychotherapeutic relationship with Dr. Zeitlin involves an initial phone call at no charge, during which he will get a sense of whether he can be of help. If you both are in agreement, an initial appointment will be made, which ushers in an exploration in more depth of the psychological issues involved. After one, or perhaps several sessions, Dr. Zeitlin will be able to make a recommendation to you regarding the advisability of ongoing psychotherapy. On occasion, he may feel that a colleague would be better suited to the specific issues involved, and will make a referral. If you and he feel you would be a good team, plans for ongoing therapy are made.

About Insurance

Most patients have insurance that covers a percentage of the cost of psychotherapy, and Dr. Zeitlin routinely provides monthly documentation for insurance company or tax purposes. Many of these companies provide liberal reimbursement, which is sent to the patient, since Dr. Zeitlin does not bill insurance companies directly.

Dr. Zeitlin is not on any insurance panels of Health Maintenance Organizations (HMOs) or Preferred Provider Organizations (PPOs). These groups typically impose great limitations on the nature, frequency, and duration of psychotherapy. And they have full access to the records of the health care provider. Dr. Zeitlin frequently sees patients covered by these organizations who elect therapy out-of-network in exchange for the quality of his services and the autonomy and confidentiality of the work. Generally, these organizations will provide some reimbursement. Dr. Zeitlin does not work with Medi-Cal or Medicare.


Scheduling of sessions can be quite flexible, considering patients' travel, logistical, and financial needs. Some adjustment in fee is generally possible in instances of financial hardship. Once an in-person therapeutic relationship has been established with a California resident, sessions can be conducted by phone or video conferencing. Many of Dr. Zeitlin's patients travel extensively, and telephone and/or video conferencing sessions have proven to be an effective way to maintain the continuity of psychotherapy.

Consultations with Therapists

Individual, couples, group, or family therapy consultation with therapists in private practice or training is also arranged via an initial phone call. Sessions can be in person, or with California residents, by phone or video conferencing.

San Francisco Office (adjacent to UCSF)

350 Parnassus Avenue, Suite 909, San Francisco, CA 94117
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San Francisco Office

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